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PacManPlus…a special thanks!


Being Thanksgiving, this seems like the appropriate day to say a special thanks to someone who has done so much for the Atari community…Bob ‘PacManPlus’ DeCrescenzo.   Since 2001, Bob has developed more than a dozen games for 2600 and 7800 systems.  Starting with an extensive hack of Stargate to create Defender Arcade for the 2600, to helping rescue some almost finished prototypes, to ground up development of new 7800 games like Scramble and Moon Cresta, Bob has literally been a one man game factory!

Although I have never met Bob in person, over the past few months, we have become friends.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, game developers need to recycle carts to produce new ones.  I decided that one thing I could do was to help find carts for developers like Bob.  I sent Bob a couple of boxes of old carts and, one day, I received a package from Bob with two of his new games.  Here I was trying to do something nice for him and ended up on the receiving end of Bob’s niceness!

If you are an Atari fan, then you already know what a great guy Bob is.  He has spent so many hours developing games and giving to the Atari community.  He has always posted his game files so that anyone could download and play them.  He has made numerous carts for forum members and, also, allowed AtariAge to sell them at a very reasonable price.  In an earlier time, Bob would have been a highly compensated, ‘Rock Star’, game programmer.  In the past decade, he has had to settle for the satisfaction of knowing that his games have brought so many hours of enjoyment to a small group of Atari retro-gamers.

Recently, for personal reasons, Bob has had to stop the development of any new games.  At this point in time, Bob does not think that he will be able to return to Atari game development.  In true ‘Bob’ fashion, he has ‘retired’ from game development with little fanfare.   He recently posted the source code for all of his games so that others can use it for further game development.  Although Bob is ‘retiring’ from game development, his games will continue to be played and enjoyed for many years to come.

Bob is one of those special people who gives freely and asks for little in return.   We are going to miss him and his immense talents!

PacMacPlus-best wishes and a special Thank You for all that you have done for the Atari retro-game community!!!

Games by PacManPlus


12 thoughts on “PacManPlus…a special thanks!

  1. I agree! Since I’ve rediscovered my Atari love no game has been played more than Bob’s pac-man collection on my 7800.

  2. Bob’s the 7800 man!

  3. What sad incredibly news…I knew something was up, but I had no idea that Bob was leaving the scene entirely. Bob was the reason I got back into the 7800, and he renewed my “collecting bug”. I will miss him and all of the wonderful contributions he made on a regular basis to the Atari community. Thank you Bob!

  4. Hi Mark and everyone at AtariAge:

    Believe it or not, I am sitting here typing this with tears in my eyes (no exaggeration). The outpouring of love that you guys have shown me both here and the thread over at Atariage makes me speechless. This was a hobby that I loved, and I think it showed in the games I created/ported. For reasons I don’t wish to go into other than to try and get more learning in with a career path I have chosen, I need to pull myself out from my hobby (I had already given up being a musician some time ago). I am having trouble getting the background I need for my job and I have to get a hold of that.

    Having said that, I will miss being on the forums, and I will miss all of you greatly. It does sort of become like a virtual family after a while, and although I have only met a few of you in person, I do feel like you are all friends.

    Thank you, a thousand times over for all of the kind words you have said about me and the games I’ve created. You are all wonderful people. Tep392 has already spoken to me about finishing Bentley Bear (I believe only the sound is left) and it’s cool that he’s planning on using the Yamaha.

    I still have my ‘Stormtrooper’ 7800, but I am no longer collecting.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  5. Hi Bob, Thanks for the reply. Again, good luck for the future. I know that the forums can take over your life, and I don’t even have the skill to program a vcr 🙂
    I hope you sharpen your skill set and get the job that you deserve, but don’t forget your hobbies, sure put them on hold when you need to, but your hobbies define who you are. So, please come back when you feel able, but do it for you and screw everyone else (but you worked that one out yourself!!)

  6. Bob, I was in the same situation 12 years ago. I went back to school full time to change careers because the one I was in at the time was going nowhere. Luckily my wife stepped up and began working full time while I went to school. It was the best decision I ever made for myself and my family. Do what you have to do to get yourself and your family in to a better place. Good luck and well wishes to you and your family. I will cherish every game I bought from you. Thanks.

  7. Good luck Bob, stick your head into AA every once in a while. 🙂

    • Thank you Bob.
      Everyone at Atariage including myself consider you to be the best and most dedicated homebrewer the 7800 has ever seen or ever will….And most importantly we appreciate the fact that your an unselfish all around stand up guy……………………………..Your generosity and great work will always be cherished and remembered for years to come…………………….My PacmanPlus colection is my most important in my 7800 cart collection and will never be takin for granted…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Best wishes to you and all your future endeavors……………Peace be with you………….sincerely, StunRunner 87………:)

  8. Bob, thank you so much for all you’ve done. And I’m kicking myself for not getting your album; it’d be a wonderful addition to my vinyl…

    I really do hope you find the time now and then to pop in and say hi.


  9. Wish you well Bob and thank you so much for your countless contributions to the Atari community.

  10. Bob, thank you very much for all you’ve done. you were especially generous to me when I was out of work 6 years ago, and I cannot express how awesome it was to recieve a copy of your Pac Man collection from you.

    Good luck on your future endeavors, and don’t be a stranger!

  11. Bob — if you’re reading this….I’m stunned. Thank you so much for once again demonstrating your generosity. Wow…

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