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Boston Strong…

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This blog is about retro video games and not politics, but, having lived in New England for most of the last thirty years, I need to say a few things…

For the injured and the families of those killed by this horrific act, words will never be enough, but I hope you take solace in the outpouring of support that has been shown.  Many of you will have a long and difficult struggle to put your lives back together, but I hope you take strength knowing that Boston, New England, America, and the World are behind you.

What those who would commit acts like this don’t realize is that events like the Marathon bombing don’t weaken us, they make us stronger.  Boston is a strong and resilient city and, the world found out in the past week, it is also a caring and compassionate city.  Mess with us, however, and you will feel the wrath of a united and committed citizenry.

The events of the past two weeks make you proud of Boston, New England, and America.  When the bombs went off, people ran to help, they did not run away.  The heroic actions of first responders, private citizens, and medical professionals saved countless lives.  The dedication and bravery of police and law enforcement officials, in tracking down those who did this, was nothing short of amazing.  Last week, when the Boston area was on ‘lock down’, I was traveling and I heard someone say ‘how can they do that? ‘.  What that person didn’t realize is that Bostonian’s and New Englander’s would have and did do whatever was needed to help catch those responsible for these acts.

For any ‘wanna-be’ terrorists out there, I hope you took notes.  You can’t weaken us…you can only make us stronger.  America may seem weak to you, but we are strong and resilient and you don’t want to mess with us, especially if you try to put our backs against a wall.  As a New Englander and an American, I couldn’t be prouder of how everyone has responded to this horrific and cowardly act.  If you want to help out the victims of the Marathon bombing, be sure to visit and make a contribution.

Boston Strong, New England Strong, American Strong!



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